SG7 Valve Seat & Guide Machine

Working Accuracy

• Valve seat roundness: 0.0001” (2µm)
• Valve seat concentricity: 0.0002” (6µm)
• Surface finish: q(0.5-1.25 µm) Ra

Technical Specification

• Maximum cylinder head size: 32” x 10” x 6” (813mm x 254mm x 152mm)
• Spindle stroke: 6.750” (172mm)
• Spindle speed: 80 – 500 rpm
• Spindle tilt: ± 15 degrees

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• Spring free tooling
• Rottler/Van Norman patented tolling system
• Quick change spherical drive system
• Variable spindle speed control

Recommended Accessories

• Choice of tilt/roll over fixture
• Spherical adaptor bubble/vial level
• Three angle inserts, edge honed and sub-zero treated for longevity
• Live and fixed carbide pilots
• Concentricity gage
• ALL types of tooling and fixtures for ALL seat and guide machining applications

Seat & Guide Machines Comparison

Valve Seat and Guide Machine
Valve Seat and Guide Machine

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